Weekly Game Dev Log: Sept 19-Sept 25

I didn’t update as often on Twitter this week, partially because my husband was out of town this week, so I was on my own for kids dinner & bed time, which is when I would normally try to fit in some game dev 🙂 I still managed to get A TON done this week! This log is everything I got done this week!

  • Created Crops system, allows player to plant crops, and then harvest them when they’re full grown. Crops crow one stage every day.
  • When the player has only 10 energy points left, they slow down to 60% speed. When they reach 0, they go to 30% speed.
  • Fixed a bug where infected plants were being spawned twice in the same place
  • Infected plants will damage player’s HP when within range
  • Player can eat food to heal HP
  • If the player loses all HP, they respawn inside their house, with 25 HP
  • Infected plants will kill nearby crops
  • Updated crops to require water from a watering can in order to grow.
  • Made the watering can hold a certain amount of water, and watering crops uses some. When it runs out, you can’t water. Visit the pond to refill.
  • Updated infected plants to not cause damage in the main town.
  • Added item name to hover item in Inventory to help until I get better graphics for various items 🤣
  • Fixed the dog walking off during the heart emote, and created a “whistle to recall” mode which brings the dog right in front of you.
  • Created a pause menu with multiple tabs of dynamic width
  • Started filling in the relationships tab in the pause menu with test data and placeholder graphics
  • Started working on ways to increase Hearts with NPCs, started with petting the dog – you get 1 point for petting the dog each day.
  • Making that recording also made a bug with the Menu pretty obvious, so I fixed that too.
  • I also made sure the heart points saved to the next day, and that you could earn a new point the next day.
  • Started setting up the first NPC house/shop, for the carpenter’s shop.
  • Created a “no-spawn” object to mark off areas where random things will not spawn.
  • Did a bunch of work to make the house upgradable. A script that creates the tent, the doorway, and the collision areas, then another one alters them during the upgrade. All of this will need to change with final art, but the skeleton is in place now.

Yellow borders indicate “Collision” objects, which essentially prevent the player from walking in that area. When the house is upgraded, the area covered by collisions grows a bit. (The entire area is covered by a “NoSpawn” to prevent crops/trees/etc from growing where the house will eventually be)

Thanks for following along!

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