Weekly Game Dev Log: Sept 26-Oct 2

I actually had even less time to work on the game this week 🙃 but still got ish done!

  • Started working on the Carpenter’s shop, which will allow players to upgrade their house.
  • Adjusted game window ratio (makes for much nicer screenshots and videos!) and played around with running the rooms at 2x scale.
  • Fixed camera on room transitions, so when we go from a small room into a larger room, the player/camera is centered on the new room loading.
  • House Upgrade first steps
  • I took some time to work on non-programming aspects of the game, started working on tuning some of my ideas, worked on a layout for the town to incorporate some new ideas I wanted to add, and started researching some additional accessibility options.
  • Had to recreate a bunch of doorways to handle the new rooms I created.
  • Went back to work on scaling/zooming, trying out a new technique in a test room. This isn’t 100% ready but I think I have some working ideas.
  • Worked a bunch on the cooking mini-game, working on a new way to display the recipes, and the UI for the game. Got the new mini-game working entirely as a prototype.
  • Updated minigame to take the ingredients at the start – this fixes two bugs, if they fail the cooking game, they still lose the ingredients, plus it ensures if you use all of an ingredient, the new cooked item can go in that open spot, instead of looking for a spot for the new cooked item, then taking the ingredients.

That’s it for this week, next week I hope to start filling in a bunch of new buildings and NPCs 😁

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