Hire Me!

Hi there! I’m currently not looking for full-time work, but I’m always available to conduct on-site training, present any of my current talks or conduct workshops specific to your needs. Here’s some more information!

IMG_20160629_101755About Me

I discovered programming when I was in high school and took a programming class because it was a math credit. I fell in love with coding and have been solving problems via my keyboard ever since.

I have an attitude that anything is possible and I enjoy problem solving. I have experience designing and building new applications as well as maintaining and improving legacy projects. I am extremely dedicated and passionate about what I do, and in general kick ass at anything I attempt.

I’m also a frequent speaker at PHP and Open Source Tech conferences and user groups, often presenting on TDD/BDD, code review, best practices such as code review or pair programming or software design in general. In my spare time, I contribute to multiple Open Source projects. I also love comedy, coffee, podcasts, Lego and travel.

My Skills

I’ve been working with PHP and related technologies (SQL, HTML, CSS, JS, LAMP, etc) since 2004, and I’m always excited by a challenge and a chance to develop new skills and learn new languages and methodologies. I practice and preach TDD & BDD and I enjoy modern DevOps (Docker, CI/CD, etc).

I understand (and have taught sessions on) SOLID Principles, and I often write and consume RESTful APIs. I prefer to write modular, framework independent code, but I also have experience with Laravel / Lumen, Symfony / Silex and others. I recently had the opportunity to start using Vue, and have strengthened my JavaScript skills a lot.

Stuff I’ve Worked On


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