Merge Magic Event 100% Guide

Merge Magic Event 100% Guide

The easiest way to get all 10 event quest stars and all 10 event prizes, well under the time limit!

Setup / Important Info

You’ll need a device where you can leave the game running. The easiest way to accomplish this is a computer (Mac or PC) with an Android Emulator such as Bluestacks or Nox. If you don’t have that, an extra phone or tablet that you can leave plugged in will work as well, be sure to set it up to keep the screen turned on.

You can technically accomplish this on your regular device as well, if you’re willing to give up use of it, or play more actively. This guide is meant for lazy play, but you can speed things up with active harvesting. This guide is based on using the two creatures that auto-harvest, even while you’re idle.

Keep in mind that even with cloud sync you cannot sync progress across devices, so you’ll be using the same device for the entire event.

Tip: Set a timer on your phone for every 3 hours to come get your free capsule and check on your progress! I try to check on the game every hour when possible.

It’s also a good idea to leave the event and go to the World Map every so often, to be sure your progress gets saved! You also want to go back to camp once a day to collect your daily rewards.

Event Rewards Complete!

Event Rewards Complete!

Event Points Prizes

To complete the event and unlock all 10 prizes, you usually need either one level 10 event points item, or two level 9s and one level 8.

When you get the chest – hang onto it – don’t open back in your camp! These can be merged by 5s to get 2 larger chests!

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Event Quest Stars (Event Chest Prize)

There are three lines of Event Quests for 10 total quests, that award an Epic Event Chest when you complete all 10 . The first line is:

  • 1.1 Merge 5 of Anything 150 times
  • 1.2 Create 5 of the event points item (level 7)
  • 1.3 Harvest 100 times from an event harvestable (Could be anywhere from Level 3 to Level 6, or a special item)

Once we knock out “1.1 Merge 5 of Anything”, we’ll ignore Quest Line 1 for a moment and focus on Quest Line 2. When done correctly, these three quests are what help you collect all 10 prizes and complete the event.

  • 2.1 Harvest 200 times from the Young Blessed Tree (level 5)
  • 2.2 Harvest 75 times from dead plants
  • 2.3 Create 3 True Blessing Orb (level 9)

The third quest line is 4 Blessed Land goals, ending with “Have Healed Land” – these stars will mostly come easily as we go through the rest of the guide – however please make careful note of all Mystic Cloud Keys – this is the biggest reason people fail to complete 3.4 Heal All Land.


  • Do not merge anything unless this guide directs you to do so. (See Mystic Cloud Keys Guide below)
  • Do not merge event harvestables before the guide tells you, or you’ll have to actively play, instead of taking the lazy route.
    • The Level 1 event harvestable item is not actually harvestable, so your creatures will ignore it.
    • (Note: if you accidentally create a level 2 harvestable or heal cursed land containing one, you can prevent the creatures from harvesting it by keeping it selected – but you can only do this with one item)
      Keep Event Harvestable Selected

      Keep Event Harvestable Selected

    • Once you start merging event harvestables, be careful not to merge too high, or you won’t be able to complete Quest 1.3
  • Do not merge Blessed Sprouts until you’re ready to mass merge up to your current highest Blessed Flower/Tree – otherwise your creatures will create a variety of different Blessing Orbs.

Mystic Cloud Keys

  • There is always a Mystery Nest, Gold Treasure Jar and Broken Mythical Idol as Mystic Cloud Keys. These are available at the very end of the map, under the 50,000 point cursed land.
    Cursed Land containing Gold Treasure Jar

    Cursed Land containing Gold Treasure Jar

    Cursed Land containing Mystery Nest

    Cursed Land containing Mystery Nest

    Cursed Land containing Mythical IdolIdol

    Cursed Land containing Mythical Idol


The strategy for the vast majority of these events is the same. Once the event starts, identify any visible cloud keys. Look for event harvestables on the map, and look for cloud key chains.

  1. Clear a small section of the board by merging swamp underwoods, event points items and small Blessing Orbs by 5s
  2. Create 2 Blessed Saplings (level 3) to start farming Blessing Orbs.
  3. Complete Quest 1.1 Merge 5 of Anything 150 times
  4. Using small Blessing Orbs, heal cursed land as needed to get blessed sprouts.
  5. Create 1-2 Young Blessed Tree (level 5)
  6. Complete Quest 2.1 Harvest 200 times from Young Blessed Tree
  7. Continue to farm Blessed Orbs for 1-2 days, to create 15 of the level 8 orb
  8. While farming Life Orbs, carefully heal small sections of land with dead bushes – avoid event harvestables. Use the blessed sprouts from these to upgrade your Blessed Trees, keeping them all at the highest level you have.
  9. You can also work on unlocking cloud keys, again being careful not to create or unlock any event harvestables that will distract your creatures.
  10. Once you have 15 level 8 orbs, ensure you have completed Quest 2.2 Harvest 75 times from dead plants
  11. Complete Quest 2.3 Create 3 of the level 9 healing orb.
  12. Pop 1-2 of the level 9 orbs, and start merging event harvestables and event points items to complete
    1. Quest 1.2 Create 5 level 7 event points item and
    2. Quest 1.3 Harvest 100 times from an event harvestable. Move the orbs nearer to the special items if needed.
  13. Continue healing land to reach the 3 special cloud keys: Mystery Nest, Gold Treasure Jar, and Mythical Idol. Unlock that land.
  14. Heal any remaining dead land
  15. Harvest, Merge and Collect Event Points (1 level 10, or 2 level 9s and 1 level 8)

A more detailed guide with more explanations follows below!


Active Gameplay Part One (Approx 20-30 minutes)

Quest 1.1

Create Creatures: When the event starts, create your event creature(s). Sometimes you get two, usually you get one to start with. For the first part of the event, we’ll have to actively play to merge things off the cursed land in 5s, and heal land only as needed.

Merge 5 of anything: You’ll start by merging by 5 using the items which make blessed sprouts: Swamp Underwood, Forest Underwood and Rocky Underwood. Then merge Blessed Flowers up to level 4 (Blessed Sapling). You really only need to get 5 of these for now.

You can also merge life essences and life orbs by 5s. Merge event points items, but NOT the harvestable event items. Don’t collect any event points items yet.



Continue active play (or alternating with auto-harvesting orbs) until you finish the merge 5 of anything quest, and have accessed the next quest.

Lazy Gameplay Part One (Days 1-2)

Quest 2.1

Merge your 5 Blessed Saplings to create 2 Level 5 Young Blessed Tree. Clean up your board so there is as much empty connected space as possible, and take a break! Check back every so often, and you’ll have a mass of Little Blessing Orbs. Mass merge these, and stick the resulting Blessing Orbs in a corner. Do not merge past Level 8, Soulful Blessing Orb – but you’ll finish the harvest goal well before that anyway.

Continue taking breaks, checking back every so often (at least every 3 hours to get your free capsule, preferably once an hour if possible) to organize your sprouts (be careful not to accidentally merge these, just keep them off to the side, spaced out) and mass merge your blessing orbs.

Tip: Most Events have islands – use these to store your special items you aren’t merging yet – high level event points items, mystic cloud key items, extra blessing sprouts, level 1 chests, etc. This leaves more space for mass merging your blessing orbs.

Prep for Quest 2.2 & 2.3 – This will be the majority of your idle gameplay!

Mass Merge Blessing Orbs: Continue mass merging blessing orbs until you have 10 of the level 8 orbs. Check back every hour if possible, or at least every 3 hours to collect your free capsule and merge. (Obviously sleep at night, this is the lazy way remember?)

Heal Dead Plants Carefully: Once you’ve completed 2.1, You can carefully use Level 4-6 Blessing Orbs to heal the dead land containing dead plants (on 500 point dead land), but be very careful not to unlock the level 2 event harvestable. You may even be able to use Level 7 Orbs depending on the board’s layout.

Harvesting the dead plants for Quest 2.2 will give some blessed sprouts to help upgrade your blessed trees – but if you accidentally heal an event harvestable, you’ll have to direct your creatures, and lose the lazy approach.

Blessed Tree Upgrade: Once you have finished quest 2.1, you can upgrade your blessed trees, using your blessed sprouts stash. Be sure to keep your trees at the same level, do not have a random level 1 or 2, if you have level 5 trees – your creatures will randomly harvest between them, making your mass merges harder, or worse, harvest only from the lowest, making your higher level trees useless!

Level up your trees to Level 7 if possible, but do not pass Level 7 – if you create any trees above this, they will randomly generate lower level blessed flowers, again messing up the mass merges.

Quest 2.2

Once you have 10 level 8 blessed orbs, you can use some smaller orbs to continue to heal the land containing dead plants, without worrying about revealing the event harvesters as much, but try to avoid them if possible. Finish the 2.2 quest “Harvest from Dead Plants” if you haven’t already – your creatures will automatically harvest from the dead plants. 

If you have enough blessed sprouts, and are not at the level 7 Blessed Tree, you can take some time to merge up the trees now. Remember to keep them all at the same level, don’t leave a level 1 or 2 lying around, and do not pass Level 7.

Quest 2.3

Merge your level 8 blessed orbs by 5s, this will give you 4 of the level 9s, finishing the 2.3 quest. You’ll need 5 to 6 total level 9s to finish the entire board. If you haven’t already created all of them, you can continue to merge up the orbs your creatures harvest while you’re away.

Quest 1.2

Event Harvestable: Now that we have plenty of Blessed Orbs (4-6 of level 9), we can finally create an event harvestable. There are some giant ones (1×2 spaces, and 2×2 spaces) that you will harvest later (for Quest 1.3), but right now we want to create the mergeable one.

You should have 5-6 of the level 1 event harvestable chain (level 1 is not actually harvestable). Merge by 5s to create two of the level 2s. The level 2 is rarely used as a cloud key, so it’s usually safe to merge it up to level 3, but check the cloud keys first – if you need to use the level 2 to unlock a key, do it now.

Arrange Harvestables: Place the event harvestable(s) and your life flowers as far away from each other as possible. This will allow your creatures to harvest from each, while making mass merging as easy as possible – they want to place the item close to what they harvested from.

Check back every hour, and merge orbs and event points. You’re working on making both blessing orbs (if you don’t have 6 of the level 9 already) and event points. If you have 6+ level 9 blessing orbs, you can delete your Blessed Trees.

Complete Quest 1.2: Eventually you’ll be able to make 6 of the level 7 item. Do not collect the level 7 points items! Yes, the quest is for 5, but we need 2 level 9s and a level 8 to collect all the event prizes – so better to merge by 5s and end up with 6 for now.

Active Gameplay Part Two

Quest 1.3

Be sure you have finished all of Quest Line #2, and Quest 1.2 before popping the giant blessing orbs! You’ll need about 20-40 minutes to play after you pop them so if you’re not ready, keep letting the creatures harvest more event points. There is no rush here!

When you’re ready, pop your level 9 blessing orbs! I like to do them one at a time so I can carefully find things I need for cloud keys.

Board Cleanup: The next active task is board cleanup. You really don’t need more than 2 of your level 7 flowers, and if you’ve created all 6 of your level 9 orbs already you don’t need more healing power anyway, so at this point I’ll merge life flower sprouts and sell them off, keeping 1 flower just in case.

As you uncover the 1×2 Event Harvestable item, start harvesting it. Each one gives you 25, so you need to harvest 3 of them for the quest. Note: If somehow you accidentally already harvested one, the giant 2×2 version WILL spawn more, so it’s okay!

Quest Line 3

You should have already completed Quests 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3, but may have some random dead land under cloud keys. Some of this land will also contain orbs. Work on unlocking these keys now, and complete the final Quest 3.4 to heal all land.

End Game / Lazy Gameplay Part Two

Your creatures will continue to harvest on auto-pilot here, so once you’ve cleaned the board of random items, unlocked all cloud keys, and sold off extra life flowers, you can take a break again!

Check back every hour, merge up event items, and work up to a level 10 or two level 9s and a level 8.

Collect Your Points! When you can collect the required event points, do so and you’re done! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Remember! Don’t open your Epic Event Chest! Merge these by 5 after completing more events.