#Hacktoberfest Week 2 Recap

We're over halfway through the month of October, which means #Hacktoberfest is halfway done! Did you get your 4 PRs yet? This past week, I got 5 more PRs done, two around unit tests for one project, a documentation fix for a unit-testing package for Laravel's Eloquent, adding new functionality for the Snorlax library that … Continue reading #Hacktoberfest Week 2 Recap

#Hacktoberfest Week 1 Recap

The first week of #Hacktoberfest is done! How'd you do? You just need to get one this week if you want to space out your four PRs over the month! Remember, they don't have to be merged this month - so don't worry if you don't quite get it right, just give it a shot! … Continue reading #Hacktoberfest Week 1 Recap